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"Life Has Moved On...Thank You" -- Former Irish_Lass


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"Life Has Moved On...Thank You" -- Former Irish_Lass
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An Article

Many a week ago, I became extremely depressed for my reasons of my life.
My cousin died, my other cousin nearly stabbed a 10 year old while drunk before the funeral, and my social life was falling towards lonelyness.
But my life has moved on. Thanks to everybody who sent me heart warming e-mails, and helped me in my time of need.
So I've decided to give something back....
My e-mail address is, and if anyone wants to (privately) e-mail me with any problems in their life or just want to talk about the wonders of Sean, HP, or anything else...feel free to email me.
I am 16 years old living in the west of Ireland, and have the experence in life
of a 27 year old! (Don't laugh!)
Thank you!