Badgerstaff Wheneverly
"The SBC/MBer's Guide to Normal Non-PC Behavior" -- Leia Lehua
"Life Has Moved On...Thank You" -- Former Irish_Lass
"Understanding the Males (the start)" -- Loopy Luna
Scientific Breakthrough -- Dr. Titsy McClure & Dr. Twisted Vagabond
"Guys Who Are Semi-Hot in Older Movies that a Lot of Girls Won't Admit To" -- Starnge Weirdo
"Boydism -- Pt. 2" -- Melisus

Issue #20

Welcome to issue number 20 of UBA's newspaper, Badgerstaff Wheneverly. We are not affiliated with Sean B., his website, his relatives, his drycleaners, or his grocer.
Congratulations to us on the 20th issue of the paper. Go out, buy some champagne, and pretend it's from us.

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