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An Article

If youre like myself and the many SBMBers that contributed to this article, you spend WAY too much time on the board. So, for those who dont think they have an addiction to the board, or those who havent developed one just yet (likely because youre new), here is a collection of signs to look for.

You know you spend too much time on SBMB when...

You're reminded of certain people when you're grocery shopping, and actually mention something about it (using their board name) to someone there, even a stranger or a toddler.

You imagine cleaning the house would be so much more entertaining if an SBMBer were with you.

You go to tell a board or chat member a funny story only to realize that they were involved.

You tell them anyway.

You're typing an English paper and find yourself slipping Arseish words into it.

You tell your roommate that you are going to thwap her for acting like a portuch every time she drools over Sean's scenes in Harry Potter. (BTW, you get really funny looks if you do this)

You think there's no such thing as spending too much time here.

You agree that Fion is hotter than Sean, and will throw rocks in her defense.

You can tell who posted a thread even before you click on it (well, in the case of multiple replies).

Instead of getting excited when Sean posts you get mad because now you can't throw rocks at him for lurking.

Your parents know why you're laughing when your dad uses badger as a verb.

Your new post count is under 300 at every log in.

You shout out to SBMBers in your AIM profile.

Words like "marf" and "huzzah" suddenly start appearing in papers for school.

You forgot who the website is really for.

You know you spend too much time here when you know where everyone is from without clicking on their username.

When you can't spell Billeh correctly anymore.

You think it's amusing to see a toy bunny sitting next to a flower, porcupine, chicken and pig. Then you take a picture of it.

You laugh your ass off at Rolos and Kettle Corn.

You are suspicious of squirrels.

Your dad asks "Who is this Mr. Chuckle?" when he gives you your mail.

You find yourself taking things said to you in the chat way too seriously. *sigh*

Everything leads back to "that conversation in the chat when...".

This might be just me, but you find dealing with idiots in real life easier having dealt with so many in the chat/board.

Something significant happens in your life, and the first people you want to tell are not going to be your family or your friends, but rather...your badgers.

You find it unfair that someone is going to paint their house instead of post.

You're listening to music and think of how much (enter SBMBer's name here) would like it.

Everything reminds you of Canada.

Every Canada joke you hear makes you think of a board member.

You can make a list of signs that you spend too much time here.

You know you spend too much time here when everything on said list applies to you.

Every time you see the letters "SBC" you immediately think of chat.

Every time you see "SBC Yahoo" your first thought is VC.

Youve stopped thinking "Viet Cong" and started thinking "Voice Chat" when you see the letters "VC". (one for war history buffs)

You here the name Jeffy you automatically assume it's a girl, then get all weirded out when it's a guy.

You look at your work schedule for 20 min because your looking for your chat/board name.

You feel like you can't communicate with your friends any more because you have nothing in common with them.

When you see broccoli you wonder who the victim of ice blue kool aid was.

You can't understand why your fellow employees are giving you weird looks when you yell "MARFING HELL!!!!" at the broken ticket machine.

You are no longer questions by members of your household when you go into snorting fits and laughing attacks at the computer screen.

Your locker is full of board member pictures, art, quotes and stories instead of your school friends.

You would rather have SBCers/SBMBers sign your yearbook.

People tell you they saw your clone.

You refer to yourself (even in company that is clueless) as an SBMBer or a badger.

You consider modding to be "volunteer work" on a par with helping out at the homeless shelter.

When someone asks what your sign is, you say "Badger."

You address random toddlers and other forms of small children as "gelflings."

You sign into chat, finding that the same people who were there when you left are still there and greet you with "WB!"

You hum the Spiderman theme during Calculus, and then look confused when someone starts singing the correct lyrics.

You look at different sheet music and think, "This would be really good for the SBMB Choir."

You're in class and you say something completely absurd and no one laughs and you think, "Gosh, if ______ were here, they'd be laughing."

You capitalize the "N" when a word ends in "Ness". GreatNess!!!!!

You say something indirectly about the board your sisters looks at you and, already assuming, say "It must be a board thing"

You say marf and your sisters don't blink.

You tell your family board stories and expect them to know who you talking about.

You dont remember that Whorli isnt his real name.

People ask you have your grandma is and you reply hes a very bad grandma and should be pelted with rocks (I actually did this when I wasnt paying much attention to what was said!)

You try and enter your board name and password on you exam entry form instead of your student number

You actually can think of things that prove youve been here too long!

Someone asks you your name, and you reply with your board handle.

You break down and cry for an hour when you find out that you have to leave your computer for a month to go to camp.

You've taped the name 'Alex' over 'Babe' on your movie box.

You find yourself thinking "WWDD?" "What Would Diane Do?"

You've got the highest number of logins.

Your LJ's friends list is made up completely of people from the board.

Your computer and the board have a feud and you find yourself staring at the "page not found" page chanting, "C'mon Badgers.. You can win."