Baderstaff Wheneverly Volume: 2 Issue:3

Spider Grapes - AleXx, Amber, Jessi, MJ

Safety Tips on How to Remove Black Widow Spiders from your Grapes.

By Amber B, Alex, MJ, and Jessi

It has been reported that black widow spiders have been found in the grapes in one particular chain of grocery stores in Newfoundland and Labrador. We, the fine folks here at SBMB, came up with a solution to the problem.


Tip number one: Take a sledge hammer to the grapes to be sure that all spiders are dead.


Tip number two: Throw the damn grapes away!


Tip number three: Burn your garbage bag.


And this has been dealing with deadly spiders in Canada. Tune in next time, when we discuss how to survive the lack of hockey this year.

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