Baderstaff Wheneverly Volume: 2 Issue:3


SBMB Classifieds
These were done one night in chat by: CanadianChick, ALeXx, JeffyBean, Peachers, and Amber.

Lost: one Dominic Monaghan. Sometimes goes by the name of Charlie. If found, please send to Penny.


lost: sean biggerstaff's fone #if found plz contact


Single, Female, mid 20's, seeking a good time. Will marf anything that'll stand up. Also enjoy's long walks on the beach. If interested, please email


High school student seeking university willing to give burseries and/or scholarships. If interested, please contact


Portuch seeking Scottish male. Preferably actor, from Glasgow. If interested please contact


Badger seeking another wifey. Please apply in chat. No experience necessary.


Girls seeking slash. Proper spellings and grammar required.


Chatter seeking @ If have extra @ willing to donate please contact


Badgers seeking men in kilts. Please apply in person.


SBMB seeking actor to say marf. Speaking ability preffered. Please contact over television, by saying 'marf.'


Portuch seeking a *thwap!!!!*. If hands are not too busy, please donate one hand for thwappage. For information, please seek LYKEOMAHGAWDSEANIZHOTT@thebitchMUSTdie!.com


Wanted Jude Law. Please send to AleXx or Lauren. Alive.


Wanted: Johnneh. Please send to Cola


Wanted: several Monaboyd fanfictions. Please send to


Wanted: One life. Preferences: Young, big-breasted, in shape, and has a penis. For information, please contact wormpeniiperv@igotsnolife&


Wanted: one Toby. Please send to Penis.


Wanted: one million dollars in unmarked bills. Please send to


Wanted: one BF reunion. If interested, please contact


Wanted: one Flannel reunion. You know who you are. Contact


Wanted: a life. Please contact


Wanted Sean's babies. Please send to


Wanted Sean's heart. Preferably in glass jar. Please send to


Wanted Rocks. Send to


Wanted: Divorce papers from Sean. Please send to

Wanted: Autographed picture from Sean. Send to me


Wanted: The HP boys. Dan and Tom preferably. Please send to


Wanted: lots of sleep and less homework. If you have any information, please send to


Wanted: motivation. Send to


Wanted: Sweater or warm blanket. Send to


Wanted: people to stop lurking in chat. If interested, contact chatter@QUITLURKING!!!.com


Wanted: Sugar Daddy. Must have money and Sugar. Apply to


Wanted: A good, healthy relationship*. Must have nice-sized penis, knowledge of Kama Sutra, and one free night/early morning. Phone call or further contact afterwards is not needed. For more information, contact


* one night stand of hot monkey sex

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