Badgerstaff Wheneverly : Volume 2, Issue 1
How to type into your toaster : A tutorial by Thean (AleXx)
How to pick up Men By: Margo, MJ, Fion, and Amber
Poetry Corner
Questions for Fion

That's right, it's back, now with more wackiness that ever!
Badgerstaff Wheneverly, paper of UBA has returned, so click on the links, and be amazed at what your other badgers can do.

This is your editor speaking. If you haven't guessed already, this is BW. And we are back.
If you want to submit anything go right ahead! Me, being the tyrant that I am have a few rules, however. I am a student. I have a job. As such my life is fairly full, but I loved the idea of doing this. So, despite "Editor" being my title, I don't really want to have to edit rough copies of work. Yes, I will be going through them before I post them, however I don't want to have to print them, edit them, and re-type them. I'm abhorrently lazy like that. If you want me to edit your work get it to me early, and leave a message in the subject line of your e-mail and I'll gladly do it. Also, anything in Netspeak that doesn't contain the words "satire" or "social commentary" will be immediately deleted. Flames will be used to roast marshmallows, and I have no qualms of posting them with names and e-mail addresses for all to read.
This is your newspaper. Like the boards, it is what you make of it. Think something is missing? Want Cheesepie recipes? Submit them!
Your Tyrannical Editor


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