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Stockholm Syndrome Sean by:Peachers
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Stockholm Syndrome Sean
By: Peachers

Part 1:
Once upon a clock, there lived a creepy, creepy boy named Sean. Sean lived in Europe, in a beautiful county named after some guy named Scott. All around, Sean lived a pretty peaceful life. He made a career acting in various plays, and not quite staring in a movie about some potter who was really hairy or something like that. He had it good. But Sean had enemies. Little did he know that every waking moment, obsessed girls from all around the world were posting random things on his very own message bored. The obsession at first came from lust, lust for his marfiness and portuchy things like that...but soon the girls got over that, and the obsession was towards throwing rocks at the boy, and thwaping him constantly. Finally after 2 years of just going ::thwap:: or *throws rocks at Sean* online, some of the girls decided to take it to the test. They made their plan and were set.
When Sean woke up Friday morning, it seemed like an ordinary day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the badgers were frolicking merrily through the meadows, but things were not as they seemed. When he was in the shower, Sean saw a glimpse of what seemed to be a camera flashing, but it couldn't be! No one knew where he lived! That's impossible. Plus he hadn't taken a real shower in so long, that he assumed it was just normal to see random flashes of light while soaking. "It must happen all the time" He thought. (Aw who am I kidding, assuming the boy can think...) He soon forgot about that strange little incident, until he went out to get the paper. JUST as he was bending over to pick it up, he got jumped.
 Sean didn't regain conscienceness for several hours. When he woke up, he was tied in a dark room, surrounded by 4 girls. If he were in any other situation, he would probably be very giddy about now. Aw who am I kidding, he was still giddy. He's just an all around giddy guy.
"He's awake" said the girl with a beard. A very long, marfy beard it was He wanted to touch it, but didn't dare. It was too magical looking.
"Good, good. Remove the gag will you Carol?" said another girl, who looked a little like the one with the beard, except she lacked facial hair. Pity. Must've been her sister.
"Um...excuse me but..."  Sean tried to finish his sentence, but one of the girls came out and without any warning took out huge stick, and held it inches away from his face.
"Did we give you PERMISSION to talk? PUNK!?" said the girl with The Stick.
"Um..." said Sean, before he was thwaped by the stick.
"Peachers! Nooooooo! Don't thwap him now!" said another girl.
"Quiet MJ! I've been waiting my WHOLE life to thwap Sean! DON'T HOLD ME BACK DAMMIT!" said Peachers, the girl with The Stick. She began to stroke her stick excessively. Wow...creepy.
"Let him talk" said Carol, with her sister nodding in agreement. "See? Kai's with me on this one!"
"Go ahead Sean, say whatever you want." said MJ, dreamily.
" am I doing here?" asked Sean.
"Being held as our personal prisoner, of course!" said the girl stroking The Stick.
"Um...that's great...and...who are you people?" Sean asked.
"Obviously, we're members of YOU'RE message board..." said MJ.
"I have a message board..........OH YEAH!" Sean suddenly remembered. "So, as flattering as it is to be held hostage, WHY am I being kidnapped?"
"Oh...we have our reasons..." said the girl with The Stick.
"Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight..." Sean said. "You know, SOMEONE'S bound to notice I'm missing...I mean...I have a life....and...and people care about me...and if I was gone they would miss me!." Pfffffffft isn't he an awful liar? Whose he trying to kid? Honestly!
"...I care about you Sean!" said MJ defensively, before she was thwaped and licked by Peachers.
"Well you're the exception MJ" said a voice from the shadows. Sean recognized that COULDN'T be!
It was. Diane came out from the shadows. "Phase one complete! And the other's will be arriving shortly..."
"There's MORE of you people? Is anyone else noticing how this is complete bull shit?" asked Sean.
"SHUT UP SEAN!" they all yelled.
To be continued...

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