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The Sean Campaign 2004

By Amber B

As most of you know, the SBMB Sean elections 2004 took place a couple weeks ago. After some hard campaigning and a very close race, Mav was elected the new Sean at the end of the week. After a day or two of reigning as Sean, Mav decided to return the position to the original Sean because she had unpleasant urges to throw rocks at herself.


In honor of the campaign, I thought you all might like to read the campaign slogans and be amused. Some of them appeared on the boards throughout the week while others didn’t. Enjoy, and thanks again to everyone who participated!


When it comes down to what you want in a leader, you look for someone who keeps your personal interests in mind. Let’s look at the posting records, shall we? Mav-Sean posts regularly, keeping in touch with her constituents. Sean, however, does not. And how many times has Sean been in chat? One time! Mav-Sean is in chat on a daily basis, always there for you when you need her. When you look at the facts, it just makes sense. Vote Mav-Sean 2004, for a better SBMB/ SBC.


Many people like Sean Biggerstaff because of his ScottishNess. But, what they overlook is the fact that Mav-Sean is, in fact, a much better Scot than Sean. She looks better in a kilt, she doesn’t wear anything under her kilt, and she can fake a dead marfy Scottish accent. So she’s a third generation Scot… that does not detract from her ScottishNess. Rather, it makes her three times better! So remember folks, vote Mav-Sean for a more Scottish SBMB.


Vote Mav-Sean 2004. Why? Because blondes have more fun.


Vote Mav-Sean 2004: Because she WILL give you her mobile number!

  ~submitted by Kat


Do you ever get fed up with the slowness of the boards? This slowness is obviously Sean’s fault. But Mav-Sean has promised faster board service for all when she is elected to the position of Sean. Not only that, Mav-Sean also knows how to turn on and operate her computer, and she uses her toaster for the proper reasons. Mav-Sean: Making your community a better place.


Vote Mav-Sean: Because she looks so much cooler hanging upside-down on the metro than Sean does. (There was supposed to be a picture of Mav upside-down next to the picture of Sean upside-down on the subway, but that didn’t work out as planned.)


I have known my Little Badger Mav-Sean for over a year now. I’ve even met her in person. Now, I’ve never met Sean, but I can guarantee that my LB is 100 times cooler than Sean can ever hope to be. She’s sexy, she’s funny, and she rocks my socks. She even owns a whip and handcuffs. I bet Sean doesn’t have those things, which makes him a lot less cool than Mav-Sean. Vote Mav-Sean 2004: Because she’s my LB.


Vote Mav-Sean 2004: Because she’s also known as Pimp Draco.


Have you ever been craving a good piece of toast, but when you go to get your toast out of the toaster, it comes out burnt and unfit to eat? Unfortunately, burnt toast is an all too common occurrence whenever Sean is around. However, with Mav-Sean elected to the position of Sean, you will never have to worry about having burnt toast again. Vote Mav-Sean: Preparing perfect toast each and every time.


Are you tired of having a butler who does not follow through with his butlering duties? Wouldn’t you rather have a reliable, efficient butler? If so, vote Mav-Sean 2004: Excelling in butler duties since July 2003.


We all call Seanus our grandma, but does he really deserve that title? Does he dote upon us as a grandma should and give us money for our birthdays? I think not. Mav-Sean, on the other hand, would dote upon us all as a true grandma should and would spoil us all rotten. She may not send us money, but she will go out of her way to make each and every one of us feel special. Mav-Sean 2004: The better choice for grandma.

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