Badgerstaff Wheneverly : Volume 2, Issue 2
Stockholm Syndrome Sean by:Peachers
Random Thoughts of a Prune By: Meabo
A Special Report By Jessi the One of the Bloody Pirate Scroll
Poetry - Steady Stream of Tears by: Amber
Why SBMB Wont Get You Through College By: Emily
The Sean Campaign 2004 By: Amber B
How to Get Yourself an Amish Husband: By Jeffy Bean

Look it's another issue of Badgerstaff Wheneverly!

It's your editor, again! By now school has started for most of us, so what's a better way to procrastinate than reading BW? I know, writing an article!
Anywho, enjoy this issue! Keep in mind, all comedic pieces are in jest and don't mean to offend.
Canadian Chick


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