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The War Inside - a poem by Marci

There used to be a smiling face
A person whom people looked up to
Everyone thought she was happy
But didn’t see the war raging inside
The secret war, she faught alone
She puts on a mask everyday
Letting the outside world see the face
The fake face of fake happiness
Late at night
Why the sun fades and the moon hovers
She sits and tries to figure out all she did and what she wants
Tears stream down her face
Tears stain the pillow and her heart breaks
She quietly falls asleep dreams of a new life
The dreams that seems so far away
But so close, just at her fingertips
Morning comes, alarm rings
The sun blinds her as she wishes for clouds
So the world can match how she feels
The day goes, the night comes and  tears fall
She prays for forgiveness she prays for help
She cries for a ending to this war
She knows it is there
She feels it in her heart, she believes
But the war still rages, it hurts her everyday
She keeps her fake smile on
To stay strong for everyone else
She can't break down she can't, she won't
But when the sun fades and she is alone
That is when she can cry
And fights her hardest to win the war
Maybe the smile someday will be true
The laugh maybe real
But until then she keeps fighting,
She keeps it inside, she keeps it to herself
She fights this war, this war inside, alone.

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