Badgerstaff Wheneverly Volume 2 Issue 6

Movie Review "Fever Pitch" by: Lindsay L

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Seanitis Cure By: Rayne
Movie Review "Fever Pitch" by: Lindsay L

Movie Review: "Fever Pitch"
So I went to the movies April 15 with my bestest friends to get my mind off this whole we're going on vacation/we're not going situation. (Basically, in a nutshell, we were supposed to go to Flordia but my grandpa is very sick and we decided not to go. And it was very stressful.)
We went to see Fever Pitch, which is based on a Nick Hornsby novel and was originally a  movie starring Colin Firth about a man with an obsession for football (or soccer, to Americans). I have never seen the original, but I wish I have, because Colin Firth is a very marfy man. But I digress. This Fever Pitch is about a teacher Ben (Jimmy Fallon) who is obsessed with baseball - the Red Sox, to be specific. He falls for a girl Lindsay (She has my name hehe!), played by Drew Barrymore, but soon their relationship grows sour because of his obsession with baseball. It sounds like the typical romantic comedy, but it was actually really good. The characters seem real, and Drew Barrymore is a smart, independent woman, not some whiny "I need a man" type girls in some romantic comedies. And anyone who likes the Red Sox will be happy, because players like Johnny Damon and  Jason Varitek appear in the movie, and a lot of the footage is from real games leading up to World Series, which, as everyone is well aware, they won last year.
They actually had to change the ending of the movie because they finished filming before the Red Sox won the World Series. It's a good movie even if you don't like baseball, and has great shots of Boston, which is an awesome city. I would give this movie 8/10 stars because there is one plot twist that is kind of pointless, and sometimes the characters revert to stupid comic lines like "I washed his balls". (They were referring to golf balls.) But overall, it's a really great, funny movie and I would definitely recommend it.