Wheneverly Volume 2, Issue 4

Festive Cheer By: Cola
We will Rock you Spoof By: Peachers
Redressing an Epidemic By: Lindsay
Thank you! submitted by Fion
The Bum Chronicles By: Cami
12 Days of Christmas, SBMB style

So, another year almost done. Not a large BW this time. Ah well. Incidentally, those people who are forwarding things to the BW account...am I suppose to use those in issues? *is confused*
So. Yes. You all should submit something next time. I'd like nothing else than to have a million articles to sort through and use (really, it would be awesome).
Anywho...have a lovely holiday, all. Celebrate the birth of baby Jee, by eating too much and drinking too much egg nog.
Or don't. Your call.


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