Wheneverly Volume 2, Issue 4

Festive Cheer By: Cola

Festive Cheer By: Cola
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Festive Cheer
By: Cola

It’s that time of the year again. November has snuck up on us and the Christmas and other festive stock has flooded department store shelves. It’s already becoming impossible to find parking spots at the mall.

I’m not here to rant about how commercialized the world has become around the Holiday seasons. I’m here writing this article to let you know that there is still some good old fashion kind hearted people left in this world during the Holiday Season. People who aren’t arguing over who’s child deserves the last Furby that’s in stock more (1998 anyone?).
The other week while waiting a long boring 3 hours at the mall for my parental unite to come pick me up, I was sitting in the food court eating a raspberry frozen yogurt.
I sat at an empty table by my-self reading my recently purchased Vanity Fair magazine with Johnny Depp on the front cover.  While I was sitting there reading an article in the magazine trying not to drip frozen yogurt on it, I noticed out of the corner of my eye a woman nearing my table. I glanced up and she gave a huge grin and waved a little. I grinned back in a very confused manner and started scanning my brain to see if I knew this woman from somewhere. She didn’t look familiar to me at all.
She sat down and said “Hi, mind if I join you? I saw you over here eating your frozen yogurt by your self and thought I’d keep a fellow dread head company.”  [This was, keep in mind before I had combed and chopped out my locked up hair] She was probably in her early forties and had dreads that were a dark brown in colour, 6 years old and were down to her mid back even when pulled up.  Her and I spoke for 45 minutes about lots of things, from movies, angry Christmas shoppers, frozen yogurt flavours, and plenty more.  I noticed she kept glancing at her watch, but not in an impatient or irritated way like she wanted to leave me or found me annoying. It turned out she was waiting for a cab to come pick her up. She got up and asked if I was a hugger. I didn’t really hear her the first time she asked so I asked her to repeat and she said “Are you a hugger? Do you like hugs?” I perked up and replied cheerfully “Yes! I’m a hugger.” And she left me with a hug and said “Bye new friend. I hope your life is wonderful.”
It was probably the most fantastic experience in my life. A woman with no knowledge what so ever about me, came over with an open mind and open heart to sit and talk to some one.  It’s really quite splendid how much one simple kind person can change your attitude and affect you in a way that makes you smile. The positive energy that was flowing was simply nothing more or less than fantastic.
If everyone in the world just gave a little smile to let them know they were beautiful I guarantee it would make their day.
So I encourage you all during these next few months when stress levels are flying high and tempers are running short, to put a little bit of your love in some ones day by just a simple friendly gesture. You don’t even have to stop and talk to some one for 45 minutes, a simple smile and hello would most likely be just enough.

Spread a little love this Holiday Season.

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