Wheneverly Volume 2, Issue 4
The Bum Chronicles By: Cami

Festive Cheer By: Cola
We will Rock you Spoof By: Peachers
Redressing an Epidemic By: Lindsay
Thank you! submitted by Fion
The Bum Chronicles By: Cami
12 Days of Christmas, SBMB style

Note from the Editor:
This was submitted by Cami. Are we really surprised at the title?
Or content for that matter?
Love you, Cami ^.^

The Bum Chronicles

By Protonatious Cami G.


Far, far away in Bottom City lived a legend.  She was phat by day and fat by night.  Her name?  Beccass.  In the underground sewage of Bottom City, Beccass fought perilously against her archrival…the terd.  *Shrill scream*


It was half past midnight and the streets were beginning to smell pretty foul.


“Hark!” said she, “the terd is on the loose again!  I must stop him…”


As Beccass ran frantically to the water sanitation plant, she ran into something unexpected - a lone wiener at the corner of Portage and Main.


“What is this?!” she exclaimed, “someone hath lost their wiener!  I must correct this situation!”  With that, Beccass heard a shrill scream…*EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE*  With that, she bolted to the water sanitation plant.


Beccass kicked open the door of the plant and inside she saw the terd wrestling with a stripper.  Oddly turned on and quite unsure what to say Beccass exclaimed, “KOWABUNGA!”  The terd and the quite dirty young stripper stopped wrestling and stared at Beccass.


After a long moment of silence, the young stripper exclaimed, “My herass, come and save me!  The terd hath stolen my wiener!”


“Why, this is your wiener?” exclaimed Beccass.  Oddly turned on once more, Beccass mindlessly exclaimed “COME TO MAMA BIG BOY!”  Again, the two wrestling parties stared at Beccass.


“You big, big ASS!” exclaimed the young stripper.  With that, she kicked the terd right where it counted and then stuck her wiener up Beccass’s well….you know.




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