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Badgerstaff Wheneverly : Volume 2, Issue 1

Poetry by your fellow badgers...enjoy!

Blind Motion

By: Meabo

Go Go Go STOP!

Just for a while

To dwell in

Your thoughts.

Keep movin’ keep groovin’

Forget why you are.

Get away from it all

From yourself

Take a fall

Into darkness unknown

You’ll be truly alone.

Stillness is clearer

If not better or worse

Still you can hide ‘til it hurts

Harsh Light of Day

By: Meabo

In these waning hours

It becomes all to clear

There is only darkness for me.

Day is harsh and bright and dread.

Dark is a cloak that drapes itself around me.

Where I can hide effortlessly

And more clearly perceive myself.

Things are less complicated

In the shadows.

The darkness is feared no more.

It’s warm and protective

And I’ll be drunk off it soon enough

Saved from the

Harsh light of day.


By: Sakina

As I crawled out from down below
I felt something of a soul
It pulled like the roots of a willow
Flowing from the blow of wind,
On a eclipse evening
I stretched my arms
Felt it like yarn
Being pulled like a trigger of a gun
I crept out to loneliness
Fear of the world beyond
I was trapped in thought
Of nonsense so surreal
But to no avail
Was I to discover
Any pleasent a thought
I was rich in bitterness
Yet full of eagerness
To redeem myself
For something awaiting my life
A job undone
Was waiting me
My son;
His love
Waiting for me
His arms
Waiting to wrap around
A hug
Full of endearment
A tear rolled down my cheek
As those thoughts were at it's peak
It lit something from within
As I crept out from down below
Full of hope
I made my way
Not to stray
But to a love
So young and gay
There shan't be dismay

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