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Pottermania - Carol
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Badgerstaff Wheneverly Volume 2, Issue 5

Or, how to tell you are a mad, crazy Harry Potter fan

Do you *waggles finger* want to know if you or your friend are...what is known as a crazy,mad Harry Potter fan who has nothing but Pottermania on the brain?  (with the occasional hint of a marfy guy dropping in to.)

Well, do you?

Here are 5 symptoms which mean you are a HUGE Potter fan!

Number 1-There is a football match on, your not in the least bit interested in football but your really trying to have a conversation with a friend or family member, there paying no attention to you (tut,tut) and you no attention to the football (wahey!)  Until SUDDENLY! you hear the words "And Bulgaria have lost the match" you then pipe up "Och well.....least they done better at Quidditich"

(I have done on one occasion!) Note-Change "Och" to "Aww" if your not Scottish OR if you aren't Scottish but still say "Och" then er...don't change it

Number 2-You just sat down, it's raining and very windy outside, the room is dimly lit, you just made a nice hot cup of tea/hot chocolate/coffee, which ever floats your boat. SO Are ya sitting comfortably? Ooo wonder what's on tv? You then realise that the remote control is sitting in the table which is rather inconviently halfway across the room! (GAH

If you possess the Pottermania in you you will think or say "Accio Remote" You know this wont work yet still it's the first thing which occurs to you.

Note-If you think that this will work and the remote will come flying towards you then all I can say is.....have you been listening to  George Michaels hit song "You gotta have Faith"?   Oo yeah and get some help.....quickly!...Next you will be telling me you have a firebolt under you bed....

Number 3!-Someone has ate your KITKAT a very nice mint Kitkat,the mint bit is very important because in my opinion it is the best damn flavour of Kitkat! How the hell are you meant to relax if some ejit has eaten your MINT KITKAT without your

Your trying hard not to get too angry aren't you? Your rattling your noggin searching for a way to stop getting angry, you know if you get angry you will end up melting all the kitkat (mint, orange or original) in the country! And we all know as badgers..that is never a good idea to melt things,Sean belongs outside the microwave!! REMEMBER! ?

The whole getting angry and melting all the kitkats would be incredibly pointless..wouldn't it? Soo as not to make this happen you think to yourself "What would Dumbledore do?" He is of course a very wise man, and you will probably go out and decide to stock up on some nice socks... (yay!)

Number 4-Your a member of a rather fan dabi dozi web board which is the site for a NON MELTY guy called Sean Biggerstaff,there are many conferences on the board,but what is the first you go to every day and and the one which you spend the majority of your time posting in? THE HARRY POTTER SECTION!! That's what..Yup!

Number 5- Alas...we have come to the last of our five hints which distinguish whether or not you have Pottermania on the brain *wipes tear from eyeU* SoOOooOOO Anyway, like number 4 you are a member of a board, this board has a very special online magazine, you decide you would like to send in an article. You could do it on anything from...socks to..music to portuches!,and what do you pick? HARRY BLOODY POTTER!!!

E-mail submissions to wheneverly@hotmail.com, and/or wheneverly@gmail.com