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Badgerstaff Wheneverly Volume 2, Issue 5

Untitled poem by tRG (E/N I'm being lazy and not typing it out again.)

Some plead guilty
Of causing disasters a many.
But they beg when it's too late-
When no one's watching.

People fretting over money losses,
Others yelling in court over who has which child.

Many crying over dead ones,
While a plank of wood floats with a new stream of water.
The water may be contaminated,
But can bring hope along for many.
Not in the area,
But maybe another.

Important moments
All happening at once.
Different ones for different individuals.

Just a thought of what is important for a moment may help your future
Forget the holidays,
That was when the gifts were in tact.

Think about the new year,
What's going to make it different,
How you're going to use it
For bettering yourself,
Or for those around you.

Being useful is never bad,
Thinking of someone can make him glad.
Donating something,
Maybe the seed for a new beginning.

It's all in your hands,
Your mind,
Something like that.

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