Random Thoughts of a Prune By: Meabo

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Random Thoughts of a Prune By: Meabo
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*Thoughts of a Prune are now new and improved! Now YOU the reader can send in your responses to Meabo the Prune herself! *gasps ensue from audience* Just send your responses to some of the thoughts to gandalf159753@yahoo.com and I'll pick some on the best ones and include them in the next installment! Now isn't that special? Away, and may the responses be as random as the thoughts they are the responses to *nods wisely* Now aren't you glad you took a moment? :)

Random Thoughts of a Prune (take a moment for each item)

1. What would YOU DO with a drunken Scotsman? ;)

2. What exactly does homework SUCK?

3. Do these all seem to have pervy implications?

4. Women are always the naked ones in magazines. Discuss.

5. You sit down at your computer to do homework. What happens next?

6. Can't we all just...curl up on rugs in the sun like kittens?

7. Badger Badger Badger!!!

8. Sean still manages to be sexeh. Discuss.

9. What should I wear on Friday?

10. This computer is too new to have any of my old BW stuff *removes hat*

11. Dining Hall "food"

12. For the love of badgers!!! *tackles all*

*hearts* Meg aka Meabo the Prune

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